Peptivis® is a food supplement to prevent muscle loss in adults and counteract sarcopenia development in elderly subjects.

It helps to:

  • increases muscle mass
  • improves muscle strength
  • reduces motor decline

Peptivis® contains four main ingredients - collagen peptides, leucine, HMB, vitamin D3.

Collagen Peptides

  • Hydrolysed collagen bioactive peptides are quickly absorbed in the small intestine and used in exercise recovery.
  • They promote protein and muscle metabolism, thus helping restore muscle mass loss. 


  • Branched chain essential amino acid.
  • Supplementation thereof stimulates protein synthesis and prevents muscle degradation, minimizing muscle mass loss and fat accumulation.


  • Leucine metabolite that improves muscle function, strength, lean mass and protein synthesis in elderly subjects.
  • Helps reduce development of sarcopenia.

Vitamin D3

  • Form of vitamin D (also know as cholecalciferol) critical for the control of calcium metabolism.
  • Supplementation for 6 months is effective in increasing muscle strength in elderly patients with hypovitaminosis.
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Updated on 11/03/2020