Glutaredox® contains a branded form of reduced glutathione (L-glutathione) manufactured in Japan using a patented fermentation process that preserves the bioactivity of this critical tripeptide. It is pure, vegetarian and allergen-free. It is manufactured according to GMP standards. L-glutathione an antioxidant present in almost all cells of the body and plays critical roles in numerous bodily processes,


  • Immune system support
  • Detoxification
  • Antioxidant protection

Reduced glutathione is the only clinically tested supplement proven to

  • Raise your body's level of glutathione
  • Support your immune system


Immune System Support

L- glutathione often called the "master antioxidant," plays an essential role in supporting immune health and helps protect cells from the damaging effects of oxidative stress and toxins. While our bodies make glutathione, levels can become depleted through poor lifestyle choices and even through the natural aging process. A strong immune system is critical for good health. Support it with good habits like eating right, regular exercise, and by taking Glutaredox® the first glutathione clinically studied to raise levels in the body.

Glutaredox® helps fortify your immune system in two important ways.

  • It plays a central role in the proper function of white blood cells, including T cell lymphocytes, the frontline soldiers of the immune system, by increasing their numbers.

  • It supports the production and activity of natural killer (NK) cells.


Glutaredox® supports the function of your liver, kidneys, GI tract and intestines — your body’s major detoxification pathways. Glutaredox® helps in two main ways:

  • It helps eliminate toxins, ingested chemicals, and potential carcinogens that the body has already absorbed

  • It intercepts and neutralizes toxins in the GI tract before they are even absorbed.

Antioxidant Protection

Eating, exercising, and even breathing result in the creation of free radicals. These imbalanced molecules attack your body at the cellular level. This constant barrage impacts overall health and wellness, as well as how quickly you age. Glutaredox® supplies a potent store of antioxidants that bind to free radicals, keeping them from wreaking havoc throughout your body.

Glutaredox® also has the ability to reactivate other antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E. After antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E neutralize free radicals, they become unstable radicals themselves. Glutaredox® helps recycle these unstable molecules, returning them to active duty and extending their abilities to scavenge for and neutralize oxidants.

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Updated on 11/03/2020