What is D-Pearls® ?

D-Pearls® are small, soft gelatin capsules with 25 μg (1000 International Units) of vitamin D3 in each capsule. The vitamin D3 is dissolved in high quality cold-pressed olive oil to improve absorption in the digestive system as vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin.

The capsule size makes them easy to swallow, but they can also be chewed. Research has shown that D-Pearls® have a high absorption in the body.

Documented Bioavailability

Pharma Nord's D-Pearls® has been tested by researchers at the University of Oslo, where they gave athletes different doses of vitamin D3 from D-Pearls® or inactive placebo capsules.

The study showed that vitamin D3 from D-Pearls® both high and low doses was absorbed well by the participants whereas the athletes who received placebo capsules had unchanged levels of vitamin D3 in the blood.

The illustration shows the difference in vitamin D3 in the blood during 4 weeks in the group receiving 76 mcg (2 x 38 mcg) of vitamin D3 from D-Pearls® daily and the unchanged vitamin D content in the blood of the group receiving placebo capsules .
Source: Baumann ACK. Effekt av vitamin D-tilskudd på 25(OH)D status. University of Oslo, July 2013.

The Need for Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has an array of important functions in the body. For instance, vitamin D3 is:


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