LipoExit is an effective health supplement to help you in your weight control. It is a unique combination of five active ingredients that addresses the main issues that dieters face when trying to reach their goals:

  • FibrePrecise® - Natural 2nd Generation Fibre
    • Shellfish extract from pure Icelandic waters.
    • Prevents fat absorption from food.
    • Captures 14 times its weight in fat.
    • Excreted in a natural and safe way.
  • AscorbitTM – A superior form of Vitamin C
    • Activates FibrePrecise® improving its effectiveness.
    • Improves the body’s own carnitine production.
    • Metabolises fat for increased energy levels.
    • Fights fatigue and tiredness.
  • Artichoke extract – For weight loss and detoxification
    • High quality and standardized source which complies with all EU standards for safety.
    • Contains compounds that support weight loss and help the body get rid of unwanted waste.
    • Works in synergy with citrus peel and chromium to improve weight loss results. It supports the action of pectins from lemon peel that may lead to reduced intake of food and contribute to weight control. It also has a synergetic effect with chromium because it decreases blood sugar level.
  • Pectins – Citrus Power
      • Prebiotics from Citrus Peel.
      • Improves bowel function.
      • Reduces bloating.
      • Reduces the glycermic load from food.
  • ChromoPrecise®- The best Chromium on the market
    • Natural and organic Chromium for better absorption.
    • Keeps blood sugar stable, reducing sugar cravings.
    • Helps turn sugar into energy.
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Updated on 11/03/2020