A smart gel formulation that provides fast and intense pain relief as early as one week for osteoarthritis patients. It reduces co-medication and improves mobility and quality of life for the patients. 7 out 10 osteoarthritis patients report treatment response within 1 week after injection. The powerful effect on pain is still maintained 6 months after injection.

It contains 2% of Hyaluronic Acid and 4% of Sorbitol. Hyaluronic acid (HA) has a biofermentation origin and is highly purified with no risk of allergy caused by animal proteins. Sorbitol is a natural antioxidant used in the pharmaceutical industry that strongly protects HA from degradation. Synolis VA recommended injection regimen for the knee and hip in a single session: Hyaluronic Acid 80 mg + Sorbitol 160 mg.

Choose SYNOLIS VA for your Osteoarthritis Patients

  • Patented viscoelastic properties
  • Breaks the oxidative loops
  • Improves cartilage elasticity
  • Unique Visco-Antalgic effect
  • Single session treatment

BioEsque Medical provides consultancy service with  the appointed distributors in South East Asia to market Synolis VA

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Updated on 11/03/2020